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B_n _ang c k_ ho_ch x窕 phng tr_ B炸 tr c當 v_t d_ng
trang tr n_i th_t trong nh khng ch_ __ l瀘 cho ngi nh
tr_ n麩 g_n g瀟g, thng tho疣g m vi_c l瀘 n炸 cn c t當 d_ng ti_t
ki_m chi ph.._ Chng ti s_ t_ v_n cho b_n gip b_n x窕 nh __p theo ti黏 chu_n x窕 d_ng nh
_ c_a b_ x窕 d_ng Cng ty x窕 d_ng nh tr_n gi H_u Th_ng B_n tin khng?
C nh_ng _i_u b_n t__ng ch_ng
nh_ khng th_, _ l l do __ T_ v_n x窕 nh tr_n gi li麩 t_c g_i __n b_n nh_ng thng tin t_ v_n x窕 nh __p gi
r_ nh_m gip b_n lun h瀛 lng v_i n_i mnh s_ng.
th瀟h ph_ long an th khi c_n tm b_n s_ r_t d_ d瀟g,
khng ph_i m_t th_i gian, khng c_n b_i chng
l麩 m_t c當h th_t l_n x_n.,._ cty x窕 d_ng
x窕 bi_t th_
2018/01/18(Thu) 08:48

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